Friday, April 18, 2008

Noggin Obsessed

My 2 year old, Jellybean, is obsessed with Noggin. I know, I know... you don't let your kids watch TV. You are a better person than me. I am proud of you... anyway, she is obsessed. "Show, show, my show!" These are her new favorite words. I don't know how many times over the last week she has gone to time-out during her first 10 minutes out of bed in the morning because she has turned the TV on herself and refused to turn it off. 

That Moose and Zee are really habit forming.... and Oswald... how can you be hooked on Oswald? I don't know what can be so fascinating about a big blue octopus and his little dog, but it is to Jellybean. I am hoping for better weather soon so we can get out of the house more. Here in Kansas it goes from freezing to rain to 150 degrees... hopefully we can catch a few nice days before the heat wave starts to dry her out. Noggin rehab doesn't sound like fun for any of us.

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